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cnc brand new 640 drilling and tapping center

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 1. Body: Taiwan's increased weight design

   2. System: Taiwan's new generation or Japan's Mitsubishi

  3. Motor: Yaskawa or Mitsubishi

  4. Spindle: Weilong from Taiwan

  5. Tool magazine: Sun-style tool magazine with 16 knives from Taiwan Shengjie

   6. X, Y, Z axis travel: 500/400/300mm

  7. Distance from spindle nose to work surface: 120-450mm

   8. Distance from spindle center to column guide surface: 420mm

   9. Workbench area: 700*420mm

  10. The maximum load of the workbench: 350KG

cnc brand new 640 drilling and tapping center(图1)

  11. T-slot: 3*18T*100mm

  12. Spindle speed: standard 12000 rpm, optional 15,000 or 20,000 rpm

   13. Spindle motor power: 5.5KW

  14. Fast-moving courier: 48M/min

   15. Cutting speed: 15M/min

   16. Spindle taper hole diameter: BT30

  17. Positioning accuracy: 0.005mm

   18. Repeat positioning accuracy: 0.003mm

  19. Total power demand: 20KW

  20. Machine weight: 4.5T

  Main advantages:

  1: Taiwan has increased the design of heavier fuselage, which is more stable

   2: Taiwan's scraping assembly technology, more precise

  3: British imports of global advanced laser testing, more precise

  4: China's CNC's No. 1 cost-effective brand, more affordable

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