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The difference between turning and milling CNC machine tools and machining centers

Time:2021-03-26 Views:293

1. The turning-milling composite machining center is a machine tool with b-axis linkage and c-axis linkage, which can be used for turning and milling processing. It can be said that all or most of the processing of a part can be completed on a turning and milling machine, so it is also called a small production line. It can not only improve the accuracy of products and the efficiency of processing products, but also greatly save the company's machine tools. In the past, the processing of a part needed to be completed on several machine tools, but now only one machine tool can complete all the processing. This kind of machine tool can be divided into vertical milling machine and horizontal turning and milling machine. In developed countries such as Europe and Japan, such machine tools are very common. China has just started and its development is very slow. The main reason is that the Chinese still treat such machine tools equally, which greatly wastes turn-milling machine tools. The main machine tool manufacturers include WFL, DMG, Mazak, Baomei, Mori Seiki and so on.

The difference between turning and milling CNC machine tools and machining centers(图1)

2. For the five-axis machining center, only milling can be performed, not turning. Therefore, there are many limitations in processing. Turning and milling combined processing can cover the processing of five-axis machining centers, but five-axis turning and milling combined processing cannot be done.

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