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Three steps teach you to troubleshoot high-speed cutting CNC lathes

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1. The size of the workpiece is accurate, and the surface finish is poor

The cause of the failure: the tool tip is damaged and not sharp; the machine tool resonates and the placement is unstable; the machine tool crawls; the processing technology is poor.

Solution: If the tool is not sharp after being worn or damaged, re-grind the tool or choose a better tool to realign the tool; if the machine is resonant or unstable, adjust the level, lay the foundation and repair it smoothly; mechanical crawling The reason is that the trawler guides the RAI. l Severe wear and wear or looseness of the ball screw, the machine tool should be maintained. After the work is over, the steel wire should be cleaned and lubricated in time to reduce friction; the coolant suitable for workpiece processing should be selected, and the higher spindle speed should be selected as far as possible when meeting the processing requirements of other processes. Einsteinium.

2. The phenomenon of taper and small head on the workpiece

The cause of the failure: the machine's placement level is not adjusted well, one high and one low, resulting in unstable placement; when turning the long axis, the contribution material is hard, the tool is deep, and the tool is released; the tailstock pin is not concentric with the spindle.

Solution: Use the liquid level gauge to adjust the level of the machine tool, consolidate the foundation, do a good job in the refurbishment of the machine tool, and improve its toughness; choose a reasonable process and an appropriate amount of knife to avoid the tool force concession; adjust the tailstock.

3. The driving phase lamp is normal, and the workpiece size is large or small.

The cause of the failure: long-term high-speed operation of the machine tool trailer results in the wear of screws and bearings; the repeated positioning accuracy of the tool holder is deviated during long-term use; the trailer can accurately return to the processing starting point every time, but the repeated positioning accuracy of the tool holder deviates during use . The size of the workpiece is still changing. This phenomenon is usually caused by the spindle. The high-speed rotation of the main shaft causes severe wear of the bearings, leading to changes in machining dimensions.

Solution: Rely on the bottom of the tool holder with dial indicator, edit the canned cycle program through the system, check the repeated positioning accuracy of the trailer, adjust the screw gap, and replace the bearing; check the tool repeat positioning accuracy of the tool holder with dial indicator, adjust the machine tool or replace it Tool post, use a dial indicator to check whether the workpiece is accurately returned to the distance after processing. If possible, repair the spindle and replace the bearings.

As long as we determine which part of the high-speed cutting CNC lathe is faulty and damaged, we can proceed to the next step to solve the problem. After these steps, we can basically find the problem.

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