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Advantages of inclined bed CNC lathe

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The inclined bed CNC lathe is developed and designed according to the principle of CNC machining, and has a strong pertinence. The machine tool has significantly improved layout, rigidity, precision and chip removal ability compared with flat-plate CNC machine tools. Its advantages are mainly reflected in:

High machining accuracy: The drive screw of the CNC machine tool is a high-precision ball screw. The transmission gap between the screw and the nut is very small, but it is not without gap. As long as there is a gap, when the screw is moved in one direction and then driven in the reverse direction, a backlash will inevitably occur, which will affect the repeat positioning accuracy of the CNC machine tool, thereby affecting the machining accuracy. The layout of the inclined bed CNC lathe directly affects the clearance of the ball screw in the X direction, and gravity directly affects the axial direction of the screw, so that the backlash in the transmission process is almost zero. The x-direction screw of the flat-plate CNC machine tool is not affected by the axial gravity, and the gap cannot be eliminated directly. This is the inherent accuracy advantage brought by the design of inclined bed CNC lathe.

The level and ownership of CNC lathes discussed by customized production enterprises of CNC lathes in the machinery manufacturing industry is an important indicator to measure the manufacturing capacity of an enterprise! Whether a CNC lathe can achieve high machining accuracy, stabilize product quality, and improve production efficiency depends not only on the accuracy and performance of the CNC lathe itself, but also on whether the operator can properly maintain and use the CNC lathe in production.

Advantages of inclined bed CNC lathe(图1)

Chip removal: Due to gravity, the inclined bed CNC lathe is not easy to produce winding tools, which is conducive to chip removal; at the same time, the use of central screw and guide rail to protect the metal sheet can avoid the accumulation of chips on the screw and guide rail.

High degree of automation: The increase in the number of machine tools and the configuration of automatic chip conveyors are actually the basis of automated production. One person on duty with multiple machine tools has always been the development direction of machine tools. The inclined bed CNC lathe is equipped with a milling power head, an automatic feeder or a manipulator, automatic feeding, one-time clamping to complete all the chip processes, automatic cutting and automatic chipping, and becomes an automatic CNC machine tool with work efficiency. Although the flat-plate CNC machine tool can also increase the power milling head and automatic feed, its structure is at a disadvantage in automated production.

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