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How does CNC machining manufacturer process zinc alloy parts?

Time:2021-09-06 Views:172

With the development of society, the application of zinc alloys has become more and more widespread. Zinc alloys have low melting point, good fluidity, easy welding and plastic processing, corrosion resistance in the atmosphere, and easy recycling and remelting of residual waste. It is favored by designers and engineers in many industries, such as various instrument housings, furniture hardware, etc. used in electromechanical departments such as automobiles and tractors.

As we all know, there are no plates and bars available for CNC processing manufacturers to process zinc alloys on the market, only zinc alloy ingots, which are mostly used for casting and mass production processing. What if there are not many in the development stage? Take a look at CNC machining manufacturers—how Zhuanxin Precision can help customers solve it ingeniously.

Zhuanxin Precision has 14 years of CNC machining experience. In the early days, many customers asked if they could help with the trial production of zinc alloy products, but they were unable to find zinc alloy materials for CNC machining. After a period of exploration, please contact a zinc alloy foundry. Helping to smelt the zinc alloy ingots into plates that need to be processed, and then take them back for CNC processing, which meets the needs of customers to make zinc alloy products to a certain extent, but often there are not many materials needed in the development stage, and the cost is not enough for melting in the furnace. It is also very high, and when the smelting has porosity or unevenness, it is difficult for the supplier to cooperate with the re-smelting. Considering this series of troubles, Zhuanxin Precision purchased a small furnace on its own, and is self-sufficient in the specifications of zinc alloy materials. It meets the needs of customers and avoids the inconvenience of smelting materials, which can effectively control the qualification of materials. Now Zhuan Xin Precision has been able to handle zinc alloy processing at its fingertips, and has provided zinc alloy parts processing services for furniture, locks, automobiles and other industries.

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