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Analysis of Causes of Bad CNC Machining

Time:2021-09-01 Views:248

Inferior CNC machining mainly refers to the size and appearance of the product. As a manufacturer with 14 years of CNC machining experience, Zhuan Xin Precision summarizes the following reasons for this CNC machining defect.

Analysis of Causes of Bad CNC Machining(图1)

The poor size of CNC machining is mainly reflected in the clamping method of the product, the stability of the machine tool, the accuracy of the tool, the operator's error and the deformation. The poor appearance of CNC machining is mainly reflected in rough knife lines, unsatisfactory knife connection, and knocks, bumps, bumps, and injuries in the process of product processing.

How to avoid it? First of all, we must cultivate employees' awareness of product protection. Products must be transported and delivered in the prescribed rubber tubs, and cannot be randomly placed; operators must perform self-inspection before dismounting the product, and must do it at one time, so as to effectively avoid repetition. Poor dimensions and product bumps caused by the machine or following the tool; engineers should pay attention to the flexibility of the process when programming to reduce the tool marks; regularly check the stability of the machine tool and the accuracy of the tool.....more Consult Zhuanxin Precision.

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