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How to control the surface roughness of cnc parts processing?

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With the transformation and upgrading of my country’s economic structure, more R&D institutions have higher and higher requirements for products, and more and more stringent requirements for parts processing, not only processing accuracy, but also surface requirements (such as smoothness, roughness, etc.). Degree, surface treatment, etc.), the editor tells you about the surface roughness of parts processing.

The surface roughness of parts processing refers to the microscopic processing traces left on the surface of the parts after machining. The smaller the surface roughness, the smoother the surface. What are the effects of surface roughness on parts?

How to control the surface roughness of cnc parts processing?(图1)

1. Affect the wear resistance of parts. Relatively speaking, the more delicate the surface, the slower the surface wear

2. It affects the fit and tightness between the parts. The rougher the fit, the worse the tightness, and the relative sealing performance is not so good.

3. It affects the fatigue strength and corrosion resistance of the parts. The rougher the surface, the larger the microscopic gap when the parts are assembled, and the relatively poorer the fatigue strength and corrosion resistance.

4. Affect the accuracy of parts, rough surface, relative tolerance will be too large

5. Influencing the cost of parts processing, the rough surface can be roughed by a machine. If a smooth surface is required, secondary finishing is required, such as fine milling, fine turning, fine grinding, fine reaming, grinding, grinding, polishing, etc. , The cost is relatively high

The surface roughness directly affects the service life and reliability of the parts. What should I do if the processed surface of the parts is too rough? The surface roughness of the parts processed by CNC machine tools is about RA1.6-RA3.2. At this time, you can ask the manufacturer to perform secondary finishing to meet your roughness requirements, and specialize in the production of precision parts and the roughness of the processed parts. Generally in Ra0.4-Ra6.3, as long as the surface roughness of the parts you need is within this range, we can provide you with processing services.

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