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The Advantages of Precision Machining

Time:2020-12-24 Views:286

The precision machining is a variety of machining processes whose machining accuracy and surface finish are higher than those of the corresponding machining methods.

The precision machining processes include precision cutting and high-brightness and high-precision grinding.The precision cutting includes diamond boring, precision turning and wide-edge precision planing.

The precision cutting is a process of cutting a very thin layer of metal on the surface of the workpiece with a high or very low cutting speed, a small depth of cut and a very low feed rate by relying on high-precision, high-rigidity machine tools and finely sharpened tools.

The process can improve the machining accuracy of parts significantly. Due to the small residual area in the cutting process, and the maximum elimination of the adverse effects of cutting force, cutting heat and vibration, it can remove the surface deterioration layer left effectively by the previous process.

After processing, the surface almost has no residual tensile stress, and the roughness is reduced greatly,which improves the quality of the processed surface greatly.

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