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Material Requirements for Precision Machining

Time:2020-12-28 Views:212

  Not all materials can be precision processed. Some materials with too much hardness exceed the hardness of the machined parts, and some special materials are not suitable for precision machining.

Material Requirements for Precision Machining(图1)

  So, what are the requirements of precision machining for materials?

  First of all, it has requirements on the hardness of the material. For some occasions, the higher the hardness, the better, but it is limited to the hardness requirements of the machined parts. The machined material should not be too hard. If it is harder than the machine part, it cannot be processed.

  If the hardness of the material exceeds the hardness of the machine part, it cannot be processed.It will not only damage the parts, but also cause danger, such as the turning tool flying out.

  Secondly, the material should be moderately soft and hard, at least one level lower than the hardness of the machine part.At the same time, the machine part should be selected reasonably according to the role of the machined device.

  In short, precision machining has requirements for materials, and not all materials are suitable for processing, such as materials that are too soft or too hard, materials that are too soft are not necessary for processing, and materials that are too hard cannot be processed.

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