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Who will lead the training of CNC precision machine parts processing talents?

Time:2021-03-29 Views:257

Driven by the market and policies, the scale of my country's intelligent CNC precision machinery parts processing industry is gradually increasing, the growth rate continues to rise, the development trend is very good, and the future prospects are exciting. However, the shortage of talents for intelligent mechanical parts processing has broken the good expectations, and the bottleneck of talents has severely hindered the development of intelligent parts processing plants.

If my country wants to promote the mature development of the intelligent CNC precision machinery parts processing industry, it must establish a perfect talent training system, and encourage industry-university-research-government cooperation to carry out the construction of intelligent machinery parts processing disciplines and strengthen the construction of industrial talent teams. Then, in this process, who can become the leader in personnel training for parts processing plants, schools, and government departments?

 Who will lead the training of CNC precision machine parts processing talents?(图1)

From a practical point of view, the government should be the guiding party, and parts processing plants and schools should be the implementation parties. Under the planning and guidance of the policy, relevant colleges and universities should establish related majors in the processing of intelligent machinery parts. At the same time, extensive exchanges and cooperation between schools and enterprises will break the demand barriers between the campus and the CNC precision machinery parts processing market, and cultivate the relevant ecology of talent education. .

At present, the leading domestic CNC precision machinery parts processing enterprises have established many intelligent machinery parts processing training institutions in conjunction with certain universities, and trained tens of thousands of professionals. Relying on their significant advantages in capital, technology and market demand, these parts processing plants can often become a more proactive party, and they are undoubtedly the leader in talent construction.


The training of talents for intelligent CNC precision machinery parts processing cannot be quick and quick. The development of parts processing plants and the training of talents are in a complementary relationship. Therefore, in the future, only by strengthening the cooperation between production, education and research, and integrating production and education, as well as theory and practice, can machinery parts processing enterprises gradually fill up the huge talent gap and effectively promote the development of our industry.

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