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The Debugging Method of CNC Machining

Time:2021-01-12 Views:103

  Before debugging the CNC machining, the following is the debugging method of the accuracy and function of the CNC machining.

  First of all, use precision level and other testing tools to fine-tune the level of the main bed of the CNC machining machine by adjusting the horn, so that the geometric accuracy of the machine can reach the allowable tolerance range.

  Second, for the automatic tool changer,adjust the tool magazine, manipulator position and stroke parameters, then use the instructions to check the work.

The Debugging Method of CNC Machining(图1)

  Third, for the machine tool with APC automatic exchange table, the load is exchanged automatically after adjusting the relative position.

  Fourth,after the machine tool is adjusted,check carefully whether the parameter settings in the CNC system and the programmable controller conform to the data specified in the random index, then test the main operating functions,safety measures,the execution of common instructions,etc.

  At last,check the normal operation of the auxiliary functions and accessories of the machine tool.

  CNC machining is the foundation of modern manufacturing technology.It also has an important impact on the manufacturing industry.

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