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The Way of CNC Lathe Machining Parts

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  There are two main forms of CNC lathe machining in terms of production processing, they are solid heat treatment and melt heat treatment. There are differences between the precision machining parts created by these two methods.

The Way of CNC Lathe Machining Parts(图1)

  In addition, the different steels they use will produce different workpieces. The CNC lathe is composed of a bed, a headstock, a tool post feed system, a cooling and lubricating system and a numerical control system.

  The difference with ordinary lathes is that the feed system of CNC lathes is qualitatively different from ordinary lathes.It does not have the traditional tool-carrying box slide box and hanging wheel frame, but uses a servo motor or stepper motor directly to drive the slide and the tool through the ball screw to realize the feed movement.

  In addition,the CNC system consists of NC unit, input module, output module and operation panel.

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