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CNC processing factory-21 kinds of surface treatment, make your product unique!

Time:2021-09-09 Views:236

When participating in the exhibition, do you want your products to stand out from the crowd and immediately attract the attention of others?

When using it, do you want your products to be durable, wear-resistant, and have a longer service life than other products?

CNC processing factory-21 kinds of surface treatment, make your product unique!(图1)

If so, then you need a CNC processing manufacturer that has extensive experience not only in processing, but also in surface treatment.

Most of the materials processed by CNC are suitable for various surface treatments, such as oxidation, electroplating, sandblasting, powder spraying, painting, laser carving, silk screen, etc. Different surface treatments have different effects on the product. Oxidation can increase product surface hardness, wear resistance and other defects, expand the scope of application, and extend the service life; electroplating can improve wear resistance, conductivity, reflectivity, and corrosion resistance (copper sulfate, etc.). Therefore, proper surface treatment can double the cost-effectiveness of your product!

Zhuanxin Precision has always provided customers with a series of services from CNC machining to surface treatment. There are 21 kinds of surface treatments, which can fully meet the customer's customized requirements for products. Customers only need to provide drawings and files. All of them are specialized. New precision can help you get it done, which saves worry, reduces costs, and shortens delivery time!

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