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Tool setting method for turning and milling composite numerical control machine tool

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1. Turning and milling composite CNC machine tools are used for CNC machining


After installing the tool for the first time, after a period of cutting, it has worn out and needs to be sharpened. After the general tool is ground, the position of the tool tip will change when reinstalling, and it needs to be readjusted. CNC cutting tools have the characteristics of high precision in cutting tool manufacturing. The repeated positioning accuracy of the blade after rotation is about 0.02mm, which greatly shortens the tool setting time. At the same time, the surface of the CNC machine tool is coated with a wear-resistant layer (SiC, tic, etc.), which can greatly improve its durability (3-5 times), but the cost is high.



2. The CNC machine tool control machining center adopts the tool setting method


The self-test device is used for machine tool selection and matching tool instrument, but the operation of CNC machine tool is complicated, and it still takes a certain amount of preparation time. Suitable for multi-tool measurement.


Tool setting method for turning and milling composite numerical control machine tool(图1)

3. Jog tool setting method


Press and hold the jog button on the control panel, touch the tip of the workpiece surface to be processed (X, Z two jog), reset the counter, and then return to the initial position to be set (the initial design value of X and Z), Then reset to obtain the initial position of the tool. The commonly used setting method of CNC machine tools is to determine the initial position of each tool in turn, and adjust to the precise design position (starting point) after trial machining. This method does not require any auxiliary tools, is simple to operate, but takes a long time. In particular, the tool must be readjusted every time you grind. This method is suitable for simple process or initial installation and debugging.

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