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CNC vertical turning

Time:2021-06-28 Views:115

At present, when most companies use CNC vertical turning to turn threads, they use machine tools for turning. Use the same speed knife for both thickness. If the tool breaks during processing, do not remove the tool bar and change the tool directly to prevent chaotic teeth. However, if rough turning and finishing turning are carried out separately or the parts are re-clamped, the problem of tooth profile disorder will be caused.

Solution: If the tool is damaged during thread turning, or you want to change the finishing tool to complete thread turning. After installing the new tool, you only need to reset the tool. When setting the tool, it is easier to set the tool in the X direction. The key is to set the tool in the Z direction. Many people move the tip of the tool to the end face of the workpiece by feeling. In this way, the tool setting error is relatively large, rough turning is OK but fine turning is not. For this, we can use existing angular templates or templates made by ourselves.

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