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Features of five-axis CNC machining machine

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Speaking of the characteristics of a five-axis CNC machining machine, it is necessary to compare it with a traditional three-axis machine (shèbèi). Three-axis CNC machining equipment is more common in the production (Produce), and there are several forms such as vertical, horizontal and gantry. Common processing methods include end milling cutter end edge processing and side edge processing. The profiling processing of ball-end knives and so on. But no matter which form and method have a common feature, that is, the direction of the tool axis remains unchanged during the machining process, and the machine tool can only pass (tōng guò)

The interpolation of the three linear axes of Y and Z realizes the movement of the tool in the space Cartesian coordinate system. Therefore, when faced with the following products, the disadvantages of low efficiency of the three-axis machine tool, poor surface quality and even inability to be processed are exposed.

Features of five-axis CNC machining machine(图1)

Compared with three-axis CNC machining equipment, the five-link CNC machine tool (attribute: automated machine tool) has the following advantages:

  1. Maintain the best cutting condition of the tool and improve the cutting conditions

As shown in the figure above, in the three-axis cutting mode in the left figure, when the cutting tool moves to the tip or the edge of the workpiece, the cutting state gradually deteriorates. To maintain the best cutting conditions here, you need to rotate the worktable. And if we want to completely process an irregular plane, we must rotate the worktable several times in different directions. It can be seen that the five-axis cnc processing machine tool can also avoid the condition that the linear velocity of the ball end milling cutter center point is 0 (Condition), and obtain better surface quality.

  2. Effectively avoid tool interference

As shown in the figure above, for the impeller (referring to the disk with moving blades), blades and integral blisks used in the aerospace field, the three-axis equipment (shèbèi) cannot meet the process requirements due to interference. The five-axis CNC machining machine can meet the requirements. At the same time, the five-axis cnc processing machine tool can also use shorter tools for processing, which improves the rigidity of the system, minimizes the number of tools, and avoids the production of special tools. For our company boss, it means that in terms of tool cost, the five-axis CNC machining machine will save you money!

  3. Reduce the number of clamping times, complete five-sided machining in one clamping

As shown in the figure above, it can be seen that the five-axis CNC machining center can also reduce the benchmark conversion and improve the machining accuracy. In actual processing, only one clamping is required, and the processing accuracy is easier to be guaranteed. At the same time, due to the shortening of the process chain and the reduction of the number of equipment (shèbèi) in the five-axis CNC machining center, the number of fixtures, workshop area and equipment maintenance costs have also been reduced. This means that you can use fewer fixtures, less plant area and maintenance costs to complete more efficient and higher-quality processing!

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