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Advantages of multi-line truss manipulators for CNC machine tools

Time:2021-07-19 Views:177

The truss manipulator is a Cartesian coordinate manipulator that walks on the truss. The truss manipulator is generally X, Y, Z three-axis, and supports fixtures of different structures to achieve precise machine tool clamping and loading and unloading. Today we will introduce the advantages of multi-line truss manipulators.

1. It can improve the machining accuracy of the workpiece

The multi-line truss manipulator processing can effectively reduce the transformation of the reference plane. This processing effectively integrates the processes, which not only improves the effectiveness of the process, but also realizes the one-time clamping of the workpiece, making it easier to ensure the processing accuracy.

Advantages of multi-line truss manipulators for CNC machine tools(图1)

2. Reduce the number of equipment and floor space

In the current market, the multi-line truss manipulator processing equipment is relatively expensive, but it integrates a variety of processes, reducing the number of equipment, the number of fixtures, workshop area and equipment maintenance costs. To a certain extent, the cost is reduced.

3. Simplify the production process

The multi-line truss manipulator can effectively shorten the production process chain and effectively simplify the production process management. For complex workpiece processing, the advantages of multi-line truss manipulator equipment are more obvious. The shortening of the production process chain is also conducive to reducing production operation and management costs.

4. Shorten the development cycle of new products

For companies in the aerospace, automotive processing and other fields, new product parts will be relatively complex and require higher precision. This requires equipment with high-precision, high-flexibility and high-integration processing capabilities. The multi-line truss manipulator can do this job well and effectively shorten the development cycle.

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