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CNC machining center tool encyclopedia introduces what are the commonly used tools

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The knives used in CNC machining centers are equipped with each machining center equipment manufacturer, and there are also some very good CNC machining center tool manufacturers.

Presumably, manufacturers who do CNC machining often encounter some tool sellers who add our WeChat to recommend their tools, so who is better?

This depends on the tools used in our machining center equipment. Generally speaking, we choose high-durability tools to ensure the best economic benefits.

CNC machining center tool encyclopedia introduces what are the commonly used tools(图1)

On the machining center, the spindle speed is 1 to 2 times higher than that of ordinary machine tools.

The spindle speed of some special-purpose CNC machine tools and machining centers is as high as tens of thousands of revolutions.

Therefore, the strength and durability of cutting tools for CNC machine tools are very important.

At present, tools such as coated tools and cubic boron nitride have been widely used in machining centers.

Ceramic tools and diamond tools have also begun to be used in machining centers.

Generally speaking, the tools used in CNC machine tools should have high durability and rigidity, and the tool materials should have good brittle resistance.

It has the characteristics of good chip breaking performance and adjustable and easy replacement.

For example, when selecting a tool for milling on a CNC machine tool, the following points should be paid attention to:

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