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Problems that should be paid attention to when choosing CNC machine tools

Time:2021-07-15 Views:237

Choose CNC machine tools according to product specifications, dimensions, precision, etc.

When selecting the functions of CNC machine tools, the excessive pursuit of CNC machine tools with more coordinate axes, large worktable and motor power, high machining accuracy, and complete functions will make the system more complex and less reliable. Purchase costs and maintenance costs will increase, so that processing costs will increase accordingly.

CNC machine tools should be reasonably selected according to the typical parts that need to be processed

Although CNC machine tools have the characteristics of high flexibility and adaptability, the best results can be achieved only when certain parts are processed under certain conditions. Therefore, before determining the purchase equipment, you must first determine the typical parts to be processed.

The choice of CNC system should be reasonable

It is necessary to consider in detail the numerical control system that can meet the requirements of various performance parameters and reliability indicators, and to consider the ease of operation, programming, maintenance and management. Try to concentrate and unify as much as possible. If it is not a special case, try to use the same series of CNC systems that are familiar to the unit and produced by the same manufacturer for future management and maintenance.

Configure the necessary accessories and tools

In order to give full play to the role of CNC machine tools and enhance their processing capabilities, necessary accessories and tools must be configured. Never use a machine tool that has been purchased for hundreds of thousands of yuan or millions of yuan because it lacks an accessory or tool that costs tens of yuan and cannot be used normally. When purchasing the main engine, buy some wearing parts and other accessories.

Foreign metal cutting experts believe that the efficiency of a CNC machine tool worth US$250,000 depends to a large extent on the performance of a US$30 end mill. It can be seen that the CNC machine tools are equipped with tools with good performance. It is one of the key measures to reduce costs and obtain maximum comprehensive economic benefits. Generally, CNC machine tools should be equipped with enough tools to give full play to the functions of CNC machine tools, so that the selected CNC machine tools can process multiple product varieties and prevent unnecessary idleness and waste.

Pay attention to the installation, debugging and acceptance of CNC machine tools. After entering the factory, CNC machine tools must be carefully installed and debugged. This is very important for future operation, maintenance and management. During the process of installation, commissioning and trial operation of CNC machine tools, technicians actively participated and carefully studied technical training and on-site guidance from suppliers. Comprehensive acceptance of the geometric accuracy, positioning accuracy, cutting accuracy, and machine performance of CNC machine tools. Carefully check the supporting various technical materials, user manuals, maintenance manuals, accessory manuals, computer software and manuals, etc., and keep them properly, otherwise it will cause some additional functions to be unable to develop in the future and bring difficulties to the maintenance and maintenance of the machine tool .

Finally, we must fully consider the after-sales service, technical support, personnel training, data matching, software support, installation and commissioning, spare parts supply, tool systems and machine tool accessories of CNC machine tool manufacturers.

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