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Safety Operating Regulations for CNC Lathe Workers

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1 Scope

This standard applies to the safe operation of the operating positions of the inserting machine in each branch of the company.

2. Responsibilities for work safety

2.1 Responsible for the self-inspection and management of the hidden dangers of daily accidents in this post, including the inspection and disposal of equipment, tools and their safety devices when using various equipment and tools;

2.2 Responsible for the various tasks of this post. In the process of operation and troubleshooting, it is necessary to operate safely in accordance with regulations, wear and use labor protection equipment correctly.

2.3 Responsible for the daily management and maintenance of the post equipment and its safety devices and tools, to ensure that its safety functions are intact and effective, the maintenance process operates safely according to regulations, and the problems that cannot be solved by the post are reported and repaired in time;

Safety Operating Regulations for CNC Lathe Workers(图1)

2.4 Responsible for 5S management within the scope of this post, to ensure that the work site is clean and safe, and meet the requirements of work environment management;

2.5 Responsible for the reporting and on-site handling of accidents and emergencies at this post.

Main hazard factors (hazard sources)

3.1 Electric shock

3.1.1 When the equipment leaks, electrical grounding or grounding damage may cause electric shock damage.

3.1.2 The live parts of electrical installations are exposed, which may cause electric shock after being touched by people.

3.1.3 Damage to handles, switches and buttons may cause electric shock to the human body.

3.2 Object strike

3.2.1 Desquamation causes eye or skin damage.

3.2.2 When the workpiece is not clamped, the flying out workpiece causes personal injury.

3.2.3 The knife eats too much, and the broken knife fragments fly out, causing personal injury.

3.3 Mechanical damage

3.3.1 Mechanical damage caused by human contact with moving cutting machine and other parts of the machine during the operation of the machine.

3.3.2 During the use of the machine tool, protruding parts such as pins, keys, and grooves may cause physical and mechanical injuries.

3.3.3 Improper operation of the pedal switch may cause mechanical damage.

3.4 Other injuries

3.4.1 Do not use special tools to clean up iron filings, which may cause other personal injuries.

3.4.2 Oil stains, water stains, iron filings, etc. on the ground or pedals are not cleaned up in time, causing people to fall.

3.5 Other hazardous and harmful factors are included in the company's hazard source management list.

4 safe operation requirements

4.1 Formulate safety requirements before operation

4.1.1 The operator must be familiar with the performance of the machine tool, and can only operate after being trained in operating technology.

4.1.2 Operators should abide by the safety operating rules for the operating position of ordinary lathes. Work as required before wearing anti-smashing shoes, safety helmets and other labor protection equipment. Fasten cuffs. It is strictly forbidden to operate the machine tool with scarves, gloves or open clothes. Female workers with long hair or necks or female workers should wear safety helmets.

4.1.3 Before using the machine tool, check whether the electrical control of the machine tool is normal and whether the position of the switch and handle are in the specified position according to the equipment handover, equipment checklist and safety checklist. When the button is pressed, the force should be changed to During operation, do not press hard on the keyboard and monitor. It is strictly forbidden to knock on the center frame, top, tool frame, guide rail, spindle and other parts.

4.2 Safe operation requirements during operation

4.2.1 When the machine tool is switched on, it is strictly forbidden to touch the control panel, transformer, motor with high voltage terminals or touch the switch with wet hands. Restart the machine at a safe position to avoid splashing of moving parts of the machine and iron filings. When pressing the keys, the pressure should be moderate, and the keyboard, keys, and display should not be hit.

4.2.2 The working surface should be kept clean and dry, and no workers, measuring instruments or other items should be placed on the control panel or bed. The instrument near the machine tool should be firm and firm to prevent objects from slipping off the workbench and hurting people.

4.2.3 After each power supply is turned on, the return operation of the reference point of each axis must be completed before entering other operation modes to ensure the correctness of the coordinates of each axis. Each operation should be carried out at a low speed of 3-5 minutes to check whether the operation of each component is normal.

4.2.4 Before processing the workpiece, processing simulation or trial operation must be carried out, and the process parameters must be strictly checked and adjusted.

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